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I am more than satisfied with the TE script :)

Kornel, 8. Jun, 2018
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Feature list

This is not a complete feature list. TE has so many great features implemented, that we could only list some of them here. Check out the change log topic on our forum to see what has been added to the TE lately and what we are working on. Our change log is updated frequently. We also have a dedicated section for feature requests on our forum. Post your ideas and your vision of how Trade Expert should look like in the future. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Installation is simple and it takes just 2 minutes of your time
TE3 comes with a simple WEB installer, which makes it easy for anyone to install it by using only FTP access and a web browser. TE3 doesn't require cronjobs and that makes installation even easier. To perform an upgrade, all you have to do is click on the "upgrade" button inside admin interface.
State of the art, realtime trade engine makes it the most accurate trade script on the market
Unlike some of our competitors, we won't "sell" you stories about how you will grow your site for 500% overnight. You are not that naive, are you? But we can guarantee you, that our traffic trading engine is the most robust, stable, efficient, transparent and accurate you can get. It has been well tested on a hundreds of high traffic sites with amazing results. We should also mention, that TE3 works perfectly with the default settings, therefore you don't need to customize anything after the installation, unless you have a good reason for that.
Get more work done faster with our modern, intuitive and user friendly admin interface
We are really proud of our admin interface. It is easy on the eyes, very intuitive and user friendly. With the new TE3 admin interface you can work faster and more efficiently. It has been optimized for speed.
Create a huge network of sites and easily manage them all from one place
Connect your TE3 based sites together. This will allow you to manage all your sites from one admin interface efficiently. View detailed statistics of all your sites on a single page, switch between sites at any time using pulldown at the top of the admin interface, export trades, edit or delete trade(s) from the part of the network (or entire network) at the same time, share blacklists, sync search engine lists, sync interfaces, sync new trade defaults and more.
We are adding new features and improving existing modules continuously
While you're reading this text, we are already preparing the next update for TE3. We are counting on your feedback to further improve this amazing trade script.
Niche trading
Using niche groups feature you can target your traffic. Your external and internal productivity will increase.
Anti cheat functions
Several filters and anti cheat functions are implemented in TE. You can configure it to visually alert you or automatically suspend trades that are suspected cheating based on the rules you can set. Quality of your traffic will improve.
Country groups: Good, normal, bad
Besides other parameters TE determines quality of the traffic based on the amount of traffic it gets from each country group.
Toplist & Thumb grabber
TE's toplist system is probably the most advanced on the market. It supports multiple toplist descriptions and images for each trade (e.g. you could add X different trade descriptions/images and rotate them randomly or by using weights). You can create as many toplists as you want. Each toplist template can be added/edited directly through the admin interface or uploaded by FTP. Different sort, group and update time can be set for each toplist. Latest toplist addition is the "thumb grabber". TE can be set to crawl your trades and to download specified amount of thumbnails for each trade. You can then display those thumbnails on your page using image toplist. When a surfer clicks on a desired thumb, TE sends him to a trade that actually has that thumb displayed on the top of the page and therefore surfer usually decided to click on that thumb again to see the gallery. This system can drastically improve your external productivity.
Click back
When you send surfer to a trade, it is in your best interest that he will return to your site and continue clicking after he closes the page he was sent to. TE calculates "click back" ratio for each trade and you can display it in the statistics table. You can implement "click back" ratio in the custom algorithm.
Custom algorithm
You can modify or totally customize trade algorithm. If you don't feel like writting your own formula, you still have the ability to set ratio between last24h and hourly stats and to set productivity weight to extra reward your productive trades
Automatic outgoing list
Automatic mode for the outgoing list has been added and it is set as default. Weights and the number of outgoing slots is automatically adjusted depends on the number of trades in your database. If you have to, you can even adjust automatic outgoing list very easily by playing with three simple self-explaining parameters. But if you feel like, you can still configure it manually.
Bulk add
An extremely flexible "bulk add" feature has been added. You can now easily add hundreds of trades to your database in no time. This feature can be very helpful when you are switching from other trade scripts to TE.
Dynamic skimming
If you experience server problems, have a bad set of thumbs / links on your page or your productivity is affected by some other issue(s), dynamic skim can help you balance outgoing traffic to some extend. Lower productivity means less outgoing traffic for your trades at the same volume of incoming traffic. By lowering skim, you achieve that a part of traffic (that would be sent to galleries normally) is sent to trades instead.
Advanced skim patterns
There are three skim types: Internal, external and group skim. Different skim pattern can be set for each individual trade and system trade. The exciting thing is that you can set different skim for each click. Options are unlimited.
Index pages
Using "index pages" feature you can display different page(s) for each individual trade and system trade. Country filter can be set for each individual country and/or country group (normal, good, bad). This feature is very flexible. There are two page types: Basic and advanced. The only task of a basic page is that you can use it to display different pages for different countries and referrers. You can not see separated statistics for each individual basic page. Advanced pages are much more complex. An additional database matrix is created for each page and therefore you can see separated statistics / logs for each page. It is almost like adding another trade script, but it is much more organized and transparent.
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